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SMART (BK Series)

SMART is Raycop’s original model and most popular. Compact and lightweight, more than 400,000 families use the SMART to keep their homes clean and healthy.

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Both products offered by Becksware work from South African electricity mains, and have the following 3 unique features:
  • Unique UV-C sterilizing lamp
    The UV-C sterilising lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and helps eradicate dust mites and germs.
  • The vibrating pad
    The vibrating pad assists in the release of dust mites which are hooked into your mattress, pillows and other soft furnishings.
  • Micro allergy filtration
    The vacuum with its 2 stage micro allergy filtration will safely and efficiently assist in the removal of dust mites and their faeces – and bacteria from your (and your families) bed.
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Endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation Eco Friendly UVC technology 94% of all dust mites eliminated 99% of bacteria eliminated Order yours today