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"there was an almost instantaneous result!"
Trevor Becks

For many years my wife had the snivels, sneezes and runny nose. We lived knee-deep in tissues as she was continually blowing her nose. Each morning, my wife would wake up in fits of sneezes, complaining that she was more tired than when she went to bed! We tried all the over the counter medications with limited or no success.

Eventually through a process of elimination, we narrowed her allergen down to dust mites. We had never heard of these creepy crawlies, nor had any idea of where they lived or how to eradicate them. After a little research, we learned that a dust mite’s most common habitat is your bed. We had never considered the hygiene of our bed before, much less vacuumed it.

We did further research and found the Raycop UV-C cleaner. Once we had used the machine, there was an almost instantaneous result! Within the first week my wife stopped sniffing and sneezing and we both enjoyed a good night’s sleep. The benefits of using the machine are so compelling; we now use the Raycop every week. We are both feeling the positive difference that this incredible product has made to our lives.

Trevor Becks

“an essential part of my cleaning routine!"
Debbie Seccombe

My daughter was born in October 2010, and at the same time my two year old son was diagnosed with Asthma. I too suffer from Asthma and found that the spring of 2010 was a particularly difficult time for me and my son as our asthma symptoms were difficult to control. Early in December a friend introduced me to the UV-C Cleaner, to clean pillows, duvets and mattresses. I immediately bought the product and set about cleaning all our bedding and extended the cleaning to our couches too.

I was amazed at how much fine dust-like fluff the filter revealed to us, but moreover was amazed by the immediate positive effect the cleaning had on me and my son. I am excited to see the long-term effect this product will have on my family and our asthma treatments. I am addicted to cleaning, using the product at least once every two weeks and am very pleased to note that the dust-like fluff collected in the filter has greatly reduced from the first cleaning, evidence enough for me that the product is working very well.
An added advantage is that I clean my daughter’s soft toys, feeding pillow and doughnut with the product’s sterilising setting, which gives me complete piece of mind. This has become an essential part of my cleaning routine.

Debbie Seccombe

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