Becks Ware

Clean the unseen

Clean the unseen with UV-C

SMART (BK Series) Click for more detail

SMART is Raycop's original model
and the most popular.
Compact and lightweight,
more than 400,000 families
use the SMART to keep their
homes clean and healthy.

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HERA (AP Series) Click for more detail

HERA is Raycop's newest model, lightweight
and ergonomic. With a convenient removable handle,
users can clean hard to reach areas.
HERA is our first model to use cyclone vacuum
technology for more powerful
suction to capture dust.

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Becks Ware, protecting your family

Becks Ware brings you a revolutionary cleaner that helps you protect your family from microscopic creepy-crawlies that live and breed in the soft furnishings in your home. UV-C is a powerful, non toxic method of cleaning and eradicating dust mites and bacteria that could cause severe allergic reactions,respiratory problems and other serious illnesses.

Client testimonials

"My daughter was born in October 2010, and at the same time my two year old son was diagnosed..."
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"For many years my wife had the snivels, sneezes and runny nose. We lived knee-deep in tissues...
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Endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation Eco Friendly UVC technology 94% of all dust mites eliminated 99% of bacteria eliminated