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About Becks Ware

Trevor Becks, the founder of Becks Ware first became aware of Ultra violet light products and the remarkable benefits of UV-C cleaning in 2006. Researching UV-C, Trevor was impressed with the benefits of this eco-friendly and powerful cleaning technique. One of the biggest advantages of the products became an opportunity to solve Trevor’s wife’s allergy, as UV-C kills dust mites and bacteria.

The very first prototype

Trevor set about designing and manufacturing Becks Ware’s first UV-C Lamp cleaning product to be used on beds. Whilst really effective, the first prototype was bulky and unpractical and did not have the vacuum functionality. The cost and size of the unit also made it inappropriate for domestic use. It was back to the drawing board to find the best product that had the duel functionality of UVC cleaning and vacuuming.

Becks Ware gets SMART!
"The SMART unit from Raycop"

Considerable international investigation led Trevor to Raycop in Korea. The products offered by Raycop are world class, excellent quality and a very effective weapon in the fight against dust mites and bacteria. Becks Ware has been awarded sole agency status for Africa and import, sell and distribute the products throughout Southern Africa.


Bacteria feeds off the dust mites faeces.
When inhaled, this bacteria can cause respiratory infections.

Dust Mites:

Dust mites live in the soft furnishings of your home, especially your bed.
These microscopic mites feed off dead skin cells shed from people and animals. Whilst they do not transmit diseases, they are however allergens to many people.


The Raycop products do not use any harmful chemicals, using only a UV light.

Seal of approval:

These products have been awarded the British Allergy Foundation's Seal of Approval for reduction in exposure to house dust mites & bacteria. Download PDF.

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